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Main Character[]

Jian Wushuang is the main character of the novel Legend of Swordsman. He was able to inherit a heaven-defying cultivation art known as Heaven Secret Skill which made him step into the path of a Renegade Cultivator. Cultivating this Method meant going against the natural order Deviant Cultivation.


Jian Wushuang was the lineal disciple of the Sword Marquis Mansion. His father was the Sword Pavilion Master and he had been recognized as the most powerful in Sword Marquis Mansion. Jian Wushuang grew up under his father's cultivation and instruction. Thanks to his father, he was born into a position of eminence and was absolutely one of the top young-generation disciples in the Sword Marquis Mansion. However, all of that changed greatly four years ago when he was 12 years old. Misfortune never comes alone. It was also in that year when he should have started to cultivate spiritual power, which was essential for him to become a Warrior. However, he found that he could not cultivate spiritual power no matter how hard he tried.


He has a handsome face albeit not very eye-catching. However, it is worthy of making a person take another look at it.

Ancient God Transformation[]

During Jian Wushuang's harrowing sojourn within the enigmatic confines of the Life and Death Secret Territory, his path led him to the Ancient God Clan. It was here that a pivotal moment unfolded in Chapter 737—Jian Wushuang underwent a profound bloodline baptism. This transformative event heralded the awakening of the Ancient God Royal Bloodlines within him, a lineage that stands as an offshoot of the broader Ancient Clan.

Upon his metamorphosis into an Ancient God, Jian Wushuang's physical form underwent a remarkable change. His stature surged to a towering 15 meters, a marked departure from his previous self. Striking dark gold markings adorned his chest, serving as symbolic representations of his newfound Royal Bloodlines. This evolution marked a defining juncture in his journey, ushering him into an echelon of power and heritage that few could fathom.